Actors Without Scenes

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Actors Without Scenes

Actors Without Scenes

By: Dr. Kisuo Kyalo


About the Book

Actors Without Scenes reflects of contemporary issues seemingly virtual but perpetuated by secret societies manipulated to the contrary expectations. Amoso is a vibrant youth of the Kamba tribe, ever striving to remain flamboyant and maintain social integrity, despite his contorted struggle by unrealistic forces influencing his ultimate downfall. The tale reveals veined ideals obtained through experience and speculation that leads to moral fabric disintegration due to mysteries activities by the visible actors without scenes . The revelation of secrecy and manipulation by visibly symbolic may necessitate emancipation of the cocoon of ignorance coupled with prejudiced and bigotry of the author and readers, especially in prefabricating and actualizing dynamic and cultural dictates. The malpractices are encoded in the in the symbolic language that aggravates the misunderstanding of events, yet vivid to the agents of secret societies whose activities permeates socio-cultural and religious beliefs. Dr. Kisou Kyalo’s conceptualization clearly voices “hidden-in-plain-surface” information that may result in societal reformation.


About the Author

Dr. Kisuo Kyalo is a lecturer for the Department of Management Science and School of Business for Kenyatta University. His main interests are reading, writing and research in the fictional and scientific fields. Dr. Kyalo has taught in secondary, tertiary and higher education institution and has participated in various research seminars and scientific conferences.


(2020, Hardcover, 226 Pages)


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