Adam and Eve: The Tree and What They Ate

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Adam and Eve: The Tree and What They Ate

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Adam and Eve: The Tree and What They Ate
by Jackie Shaffer, Sr.

Residing within the contest of a few pages, this book introduces you to information that walks the corridor of ages. The lessons of this book were old when the world was young. Surpassing time and space, belief and disbelief, its facts remain. Amid the corridors of this book, you will learn what and where the Garden of Eden was, how many trees were in the garden, what or who was the tree of life, and what or who was the tree of knowledge, of good and evil. You will learn when the eyes of Adam were opened and what he saw. And you will learn who or what the serpent was and who or what 666 is. Amid the pages of this book, you will learn the deep-seated truth and therefore satisfy your relentless desire for the biblical understanding. If these subjects have proven to be valid and important to you as a Christian or a non-Christian, you need this book.

About the Author

A Louisianan, I, Jackie Shaffer, Sr., am one who is shy by nature. Writing is the avenue whereby I discovered I could vent my feelings, thoughts, emotions, and opinions. As a Christian, I sought answers to many questions. Once while consulting a preacher, I was told I ask too many questions. Short of an answer amid the spread of insult, I was told of the preacher my many questions were a sign of my unbelief. In short, I was made the villain.

By one of no reputation, I was told, There are questions regarding the Bible that cant or never will be answered. Whether my consultants could not or would not go any further regarding revelation, I do not know. Nevertheless, as one assigned to duty, I was hard pressed for answers I knew in my heart could be answered. I remembered the words of my Lord, which were: Knock and the door will open, seek and you will find, ask and you will be given (Luke 11:9). In spirit, accompanied by the word (Bible), I resulted directly to him. Positioned at the receiving end of revelation, I was shocked at the outpour of what was given. Moreover, I believe you will be, too.

(2008, paperback, 32 pages)