Adam Westlin and the Siege of the Vampire City

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Adam Westlin and the Siege of the Vampire City
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Adam Westlin and the Siege of the Vampire City
by A. J. Nance

We've all heard of vampires, but have you ever visited their world?

Adam Westlin, an imperfect seventeen year old swayed by otherworldly dreams, realizes they are not dreams at all.

No, they are visions of the fantastic things to come. Joined by Vale Shadowwind, the curvy beauty who soon reveals herself to be much more than she seems, Adam is led on a wild, supernatural, romance-filled adventure with vampires, death reapers, and more in a vivid, action-packed fantasy world threatened by an ancient, unstoppable, man-made evil. In this world, family is everything, and the greatest power of all is simply being human.

About the Author

A. J. Nance graduated from A. Philip Randolph in Jacksonville, Florida. Currently living in Cordele, Georgia, he is an art lover and something of an optimist, though not very active due to circumstances he suffered as a child, which led him to be of questionable health much of his life. Through his hardships he likes to think his imagination has grown all the stronger. He really hopes it shows. He wishes Gods blessings upon the readers, hopes they enjoy the book and never give up, and he thanks them for their support.

(2013, paperback, 212 pages)