Adventure Partners

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Adventure Partners

Adventure Partners

By: James Hughes


About the Book

“My name is Mary Ellen Withers; may I borrow your text.” she asked with a beautiful full-tooth grin. Was there a suggestive look from her when she grinned or was it just his hopeful imagination? The Lord had spared no expense in creating this one, some of his best work.

“You may indeed”

“Do you want me to sign for it?”

“No Mary Ellen I will remember you.”

“Thank you, I hope you will.”

When she walked out he couldn’t help admiring the last of her as well. Maybe the Lord had called on Michelangelo to finish that part. At about 5 ft. 5, and 115 pounds it was properly distributed; the short blondish hair completed the portrait.

Some people go looking for adventure, but adventure seemed to find Bill Sayers and Mary Ellen Withers.


About the Author

The author, James Hughes, always enjoyed stories or mysteries that had a circuitous path to an ending. He found when he introduced more individuals in a story there were more opportunities for diversity in the tale. Each character provides his own personality with an opportunity to alter the story or to add to the mystery. As a result, sometimes the path to the original intended outcome takes a different path. As individuals and circumstances alter the path, the path drives the individual in another direction. As these circumstances occurred the author too was often led in a new direction. The story to be told was always the author’s thrust not a detailed description of textured venues.


(2021, Paperback, 108 Pages)


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