Adventures of Rosebud

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Adventures of Rosebud

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Adventures of Rosebud
by Rose S. Bell

There are very few books on todays marketplace that truly inspire the readers life. This book is one of them and is a remarkable adventure! It takes you on a story-by-story journey through the life of an amazing woman. At first blush, Rosebuds life may appear ordinary. But, on closer examination, you will see how incredible and surprisingly marvelous her life is. Rosebuds story is a saga of courage, faith and love. It will encourage, uplift, strengthen and bless you. Taking the Rosebud Journey will lead you to discover and find your own hearts desires and help you to live each day with intention. When you have completed the journey, you will feel Awake! as you never have. Youll be eager to step-up, step-out, be present in your life, and start or re-energize your own incredible adventure!

About the Author

Rose S. Bell, aka Rosebud, is small in stature, but larger than life in character and perseverance. Growing up the second youngest in a family of 17 children and living through the highs and lows of Americas 20th Century, she learned early the keys to survival and success: love, honesty, education and faith. Having great integrity and building an unblemished character were her earliest teachings from her 19th Century-born parents. Ms. Bell brings the values, beliefs and traditions of what it means to be American to her 21st Century readers. Her earlier works include, Beyond the Strawberry Patch, Modern Marriage: How They Keep It Together, You Can Be Happy, and Plum Creek Valley. She is the mother of two daughters, Aaro Jean and J. Evelyn, and one son, Herbye Lorenzo, the grandmother of Derrick Charles and Kellyrose, and aunt to over 400 nieces and nephews. Ms. Bell lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

(2010, paperback, 294 pages)