Against All Odds and Oddballs

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9926-6
Against All Odds and Oddballs
Autobiography by Barbara Hanson A true story as seen through the eyes of a child, Against All Odds and Oddballs follows this horrific journey through adulthood. A dysfunctional marriage finally ends in divorce, and the second marriage of the same woman leaves her in another bad situation: running from a stalking husband. As the story unravels, family secrets are revealed for the first time, and one tragedy follows another. As a naive but courageous individual, she learns from her mistakes, which eventually shape and mold her into the person who she is today. Against All Odds and Oddballs is an honest and candid look at one persons life. The story gives the reader a new perspective on his or her own life and shows that we can rise above any circumstances. The strength at which the author moves on is admirable throughout the work. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Originally from Saginaw, Michigan and having lived in many places, Barbara Hanson now resides in southern New Mexico with her husband of thirteen years. She was a contributing author to many technical journals and church periodicals. A self-made, successful business woman who is now retired, she dedicates herself to volunteer work. Hanson is the mother of two children, a son residing in Michigan and a daughter in California, to whom she has written and dedicated this book. An active person with many interests, Hanson loves cooking, entertaining, painting, and home decorating. (2006, paperback, 198 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.