Aging and Broke

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Aging and Broke

Aging and Broke

By: Emmett E. Kennedy

About the Book

Joe stepped away from his greedy wife a few years ago, leaving behind an unhappy marriage and plenty of money. After drifting here and there as he reaches his fifties, he finds himself in Iowa working as a construction laborer, living in a small apartment, and barely making ends meet.

Joe becomes a regular in a neighborhood diner where he met the pretty waitress, Kathy, and her equally pretty sister, Myra. Joe doesn’t know that connecting with Myra will put him in danger. But Myra’s ex-husband is obsessive, powerful, and relentless. Joe is beaten, left for dead, shot, and hospitalized, but with all that, he begins to realize true love and contentment.


About the Author

 Emmett Kennedy was born in Alabama and graduated from Fairhope High School in 1948. His history will be found at the bottom of the class, for those were fine students.


(2019, Paperback, 286 Pages)


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