All About Annie (A True Story)

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9118-5
All About Annie (A True Story)
by Daisy Williams Kuzio When I saw the mother turtle preparing a place she herself chose for her young to incubate, hibernate, and then come out to face the world as tiny little beings, I decided to learn all I could about them. I learned that turtles are interesting creatures. It is hard for me to put them in the same category as snakes. My book reveals how long turtles can live. Perhaps the reason they live so long is because they move so slowly. This is one lesson I could learn from them. All About Annie (A True Story) is interesting and educational. It is for children from age six and adults of all ages. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Daisy Williams Kuzio has always loved animals but very few reptiles, with turtles as an exception. She remembers many years ago when she painted a spot on top of a turtles shell with red nail polish, thinking she might see the turtle again. But either the nail polish rubbed off or the turtle never returned. Mrs. Kuzio is interested in the birth, life, and habits of animals, especially those in the wild. Shes also a weather watcher. If you want to plan something and need nice weather, plan it on a full moon. Mrs. Kuzio has been a volunteer for the American Red Cross for more than thirty years and just this year, she received an award given to an individual volunteer of the Red Cross who has achieved a lifetime of service to others. She is a lifetime member of the Girl Scouts of America. She has also been a volunteer for Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center for twenty-nine years. (2006, paperback, 32 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.