All in Good Time

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All in Good Time
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All in Good Time
by Martha J. Biery

The adage all in good time came to mind when author Martha J. Biery was caring for her young grandson. The grandson said he wished he was big enough to play basketball with the older boys. She commented that you cant rush time it moves at its own pace. When the grandson looked puzzled, she suggested that she show him what she meant. Using concrete examples she made her point. Her motivation, on the surface, was to help her grandson accept the pace of growing up. But, she has her own hidden agenda: to stretch out the pleasure of being with him and savor those experiences for as long as she can!

About the Author

Martha J. Biery has worked with children in different capacities all of her life. But above all else her favorite activity is teaching children to read. The tenacity with which they tackle the tasks of life humbles her. So, in honor of all children, but especially children who find reading a challenge, she wrote her previous book, Words Arent Fair. This book deals with our funky English language and how it relates to learning how to read.

(2013, paperback, 28 pages)