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by Natalia Vlasova

Do you want to hear the voice of angel? The voice, which is flowing just from the heaven? Its language is not English, Russian, or even human at allit is an angelic one. There is an internal music in it. It is not for the ear, but for the heart. Its speech is not verbal. The words are only passwords with a long intelligence trail. Its phrases are shot. The information is concentrated to the max, just like condensed milk. It is dense and sweet.

Do you want to hear the voice? Then read Altair, by Natalia Vlasova. This book is written in the original manner, realistic fantasy or fantastic realism, whichever you prefer. Pleasant reading.

About the Author

Natalia Vlasova lives in Krasnodar, Russia. She has medical education experience and works at the Municipal Hospital of Urgent Aid, Intensive Care Unit. In Russia she is known as the expert in the field of intensive therapy of surgical infections. Vlasova is divorced and has an adult daughter. Altair is her first published book.

I am not afraid to do what Ive never done before, she says. Noahs Ark was made by an amateur. The Titanic was built by professionals.

(2011, paperback, 78 pages)