Amazing Love How Can It Be

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Amazing Love How Can It Be
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Amazing Love How Can It Be
by Wambuique Kia Wangaricious

Unlike all other books, this one is a true story. It is not about a hero/heroine, a lawyer who solved a case, an investigator who solved a mystery, or even a doctor who brought life back to a dying patient. It is about a child, her siblings, and their mother, who was not single but lived as though she was. It discusses how they managed to join their sperm donor, who calls himself their dad. It briefly describes the last ten years of life in America and a few ups and downs the author faced as a young adult and immigrant.

It is so funny how I thought of writing this bookbecause I was just asking myself one spring day why I am who I am and not anyone else. Not in a positive way, but negative. Sometimes negative thinking can produce positive fruits. Why, you may ask? Go ahead, read the book. You may or may not find the answer.

About the Author

I currently live in Lebanon, PA. I went to Kilimani Primary School in Nairobi, Kenya, then Nembu High School, which is also in Nairobi. I attempted Ecc, Ucc, and UMDNJ, all in New Jersey, and I was majoring in psychology/psychiatry. This is my first attempt at writing, and Im still writing more and will not stop until I die. I am planning on attending K.U. in PA this fall and getting my degree in psychology with paralegal studies. My mom is the one who inspired me to write; Id like to thank her for the great job she did. Im also an avid reader, and I love Mary Higgins Clarks novels; they have inspired me.

(2012, paperback, 30 pages)