Amazing Things Your Planet Can Do - eBook

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Amazing Things Your Planet Can Do - eBook

Amazing Things Your Planet Can Do

By: Will Crowther

About the Book

Amazing Things Your Planet Can Do is the story of the rocky planet Earth, its life, including you, and our big cosmic neighborhood. There are rocky planets and gas giant planets orbiting our Sun. There are thousands of asteroids and comets that orbit it too. This is our neighborhood in the universe.

 How our planet has evolved and continues to change is the story. Earth’s oceans of water and air; its seasons, climates, and storms; and its life are described. What we know and what we don’t know are noted. The tides are explained. Earth’s rocky crust, liquid mantle, and magnetic core are in here. Volcanoes and super volcanoes are in this book too. So are ice ages. So are crashing asteroids. And so are you.


About the Author

Will Crowther is an aerospace and nuclear engineer who worked on solid fuel rocket motors, liquid fuel rocket engines, and the space shuttle Endeavour. He returned to school to study architecture. He has recently been an architectural designer and a construction project manager. He is now retired and writing.

Will and his wife live in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S. They have one son. Will also enjoys designing and making furniture, sculpture, and graphic art.


(2019, eBook)