America Lost - Freedom Stolen

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America Lost - Freedom Stolen
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America Lost - Freedom Stolen
by Martin Hayes

Running deep into the timber of the Rocky Mountains, Parker Ray knows that life on the run will be better than life under the rule of a One World Order. Evacuations have started and the extermination of the American people has begun.

Allison escapes a death camp and flees with others into the Nevada wilderness. They meet others and plan to eke out a life within the wild without survival skills. Soon they find themselves being hunted by those they escaped. Can they survive within nature and stay elusive like wild animals?

Both Parker and Allison, although miles apart, share one common goal: grow in numbers and find a way to take America back. Will their efforts be in vain, or will help from an unlikely group aid them in their cause? Where will you be when this story becomes reality? When America is Lost and our Freedom is Stolen will you be prepared?

About the Author

As a writer, Martin Hayes enjoys the success of publishing yet another novel. His hobby has become his passion. When not providing for his family or rough housing with his two-year-old son, Carson, Martin loves the mystery that surrounds him when beginning a new novel. His imagination is delightful and his insight into so many issues plaguing the world today leaves his readers with much food for thought. His knowledge of the wilderness comes to life in his new adventure. Martin, Angie and their son Carson reside in southern Nevada.

(2012, paperback, 198 pages)