Americans, The Beautiful People

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Americans, The Beautiful People
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Americans, The Beautiful People
by Bernard Caley

Bernard Caley wrote this book because he is sick and tired of America the Beautiful being used, kicked around and criticized by other countries who then turn right around and ask for help.

Americans need to turn inside and see what kind-hearted, respectable and beautiful people we are. This book was written for everyone, from all walks of life. Although the one percent might not like being exposed as the ones who got all the criticism of America started and even caused it to drag on, Caley refuses to have ill feelings towards the rich. He only considers one percent of the one percent to be bad apples. Anger solves nothing, Americans need to learn to love each other again.

Caley still believes in the American dream, spirit and pride. He wishes everyone would buy their automobiles from the big three American companies.

About the Author:

Bernard Caley grew up as a farm boy near small towns. As an adult he traveled the country and lived in several different states. He has studied in college, including for a Juries Doctor in law. He is the author of Terrorized in Fort Wayne. It is the personal experience story of a mob attack on him while police stood by and watched. The book shows his journey for justice through federal bureaucracy.

Caley has spent the last twenty years working in two different science related jobs. He loves politics and being behind the scenes in activism. Caley also has a pastime of painting and is currently nurturing various ideas.

(2014, Paperback, 84 pages)