An Easy Computer Guide for Seniors and Beginners

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An Easy Computer Guide for Seniors and Beginners
by Diane Papafagos This all-inclusive computer guide is presented with easy-to-understand instructions for beginners wanting to learn the computer, word processing, the Internet and E-mail. Graphic dialogue boxes are displayed in a simple step-by-step manner to perform specific tasks throughout the manual. Detailed information on the following procedures is included: Basic computer skills using Microsoft Windows. Word Processing tips, techniques and shortcuts. Directions for using the Paint Program, working with tables, creating a letterhead, calendar, and computer maintenance. Searching the Internet and storing web sites Sending and receiving E-mails, address books, and attachments. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Diane Papafagos was introduced to computers in 1976 at Sweet Home Schools in Amherst, New York. The computer was as large as a projection screen. In 1977, she was given an Apple computer with a nine-inch screen and was hired as a consultant to instruct the faculty to use this new and fascinating tool. For the past twenty-four years, computers have been her livelihood at Sweet Home, the Research Triangle Institute in North Carolina, and at Lockheed Martin in Riviera Beach, Florida, retiring in 2000. Diane and her husband George live in West Palm Beach. She has four sons, a daughter, two stepsons, and seven grandchildren. (2005, paperback, 108 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.