An Immigrant's Son

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An Immigrant's Son

An Immigrant’s Son

By: Ralph Calabrese


About the Book / Author

An Immigrant’s Son tells the story of an immigrant who taught his son about pride and patriotism. The son, due to the examples set by the father, fostered a love for God and country. The father was very proud when his sons entered the military. He told them, “This is your country. If you don’t love it and fight for it, do not expect anyone else to.”

Calabrese’s father loved this country so much, he inspired Calabrese to write the following poem.


My Hero, My Dad

Came from across the sea

From a country in Europe called Italy

He came to America where he could be free

And raise a family with many opportunities

So lift your glass and give a toast

To a great America my hero my dad.


(2020, Paperback, 126 Pages)


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