An Inner Journey: A Collection of Poems

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An Inner Journey: A Collection of Poems

An Inner Journey A Collection of Poems

By: Thomas J. Delisle Ph.D.


About the Book

This is not an ordinary poetry collection. It is written with the intention to awaken Life within ourselves through poetry and imagination. While An Inner Journey contains poetry, it also contains a reflective journey within one’s self. While the poems may have been written by poet Thomas Delisle, they are every bit your own as well to reflect on, to create your own journey, your own images, your own story.

During times of strife, we must look inward in order to discover who we are. It is within that we will come to discover the life energies that we share with all creation and to what direction we are called. The poetry within will help unveil past trauma with introspection and, with positive energies, overcome these negative forces. Personally, the poems aided Delisle through his own spiritual journey through depression and anxiety.


About the Author

Thomas J. Delisle Ph.D. currently resides in Hopinton, NH. He holds a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Alberta and has been a counseling psychologist for twenty-five years. He also lectures on psychology and spirituality.

In his spare time, Delisle enjoys woodworking, fishing, hiking, gardening, and reading.


(2020, Paperback, 32 Pages)


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