An Ordinary Tuesday in New York

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An Ordinary Tuesday in New York

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An Ordinary Tuesday in New York
by Donna Queenan

On the morning of September 11, 2001, Maureen Doyle is supposed to be attending a pre-conference breakfast at the World Trade Center. Only she and another person know of her plans to forgo the early morning breakfast in favor of another appointment.

Meanwhile, Maureens closest friend, Dina, anxiously watches the days events unfold from her home on Long Island. Fearing the worst, she reflects on their relationship. Her reverie spans the turbulent epoch of the late sixties through the new millennium. The reader is compelled to embark on a journey, set against the background of New York, that charts the bond of sisterhood between these women.

Dina and Maureen offer their own unique perspectives while revealing the juicy secrets leading to Maureens current predicament. Finally when the opportunity of a lifetime arises out of chaos, Maureen must make a choice. How much will she be willing to sacrifice for love?

An Ordinary Tuesday in New York explores relationships, love, and friendship while asking the reader to suppose you could change the circumstances of your life in an instant, would you dare?

About the Author

Donna Queenan is a teacher who, like the characters in her novel, is a baby boomer and native New Yorker. She and her husband live on Long Island where they enjoy boating, family, and spending time with their grandchildren. The impact of 9/11 was the inspiration for An Ordinary Tuesday in New York. It is the authors first novel.

(2011, paperback, 242 pages)