And... All He Ever Wanted Was a Home

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And... All He Ever Wanted Was a Home

And... All He Ever Wanted Was A Home

By: Sheri Ann Gee


About the Book

On the streets of Harlem, a twelve-year-old survives ghetto life with three of his father’s adult male friends. After his father’s death, the twelve-year-old gained unexplainable strength to live abandoned, and homeless only to remember his mother’s teaching of how to pray. In his time of struggle a new friend appears homeless, with no knowledge of how to pray, and the twelve-year-old taught the new friend well. The man became a father figure to the twelve-year-old indeed, and the two of them together meet life’s challenges head on when time brought them both in a setting where their family members met and were united in a reunion as one. Remarkable discoveries of building a world with faith and holding on to God’s unchanging hands brings unbelievable changes in their lives that enriches their hearts forever in a story to be told unlike before . . . “And All He Ever Wanted Was a Home.”


About the Author

Author Sherri Ann Gee believes that this book can be used to guide readers to explore God’s divine love in our lives. She also believes this story would make a great Christmas Spiritual Special to be viewed by many children who may feel without hope. It would give a child incentive to hold onto God’s unchanging hands and, to an adult, the courage to surrender their all even to a child’s knowledge of prayer that:

God is an awesome God all the time.

Just believe!

Mrs. Sherri Gee is married to Rev. Vernon E. Gee, a retired fireman. Children: Buchannan, Dwan, and Precious Pearl. Five (5) grandchildren: Sydyia, Decorion, Kyleigh, Ethan, and Evans.

This book is dedicated to my father Mr. Robert Mackallister McGee, husband of my mother Mrs. Mattie Pearl McGee.


(2019, Paperback, 30 Pages)


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