And Life Goes On

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9129-1
And Life Goes On
by Laura Joudai This is a true story of a woman's great loss - her strength, her hope, and her faith to try to cope and go on. There will be many who can relate and many who will be grateful for their happiness. This is a book that lets you know bad things happen all the time. You are not alone, but you must stay strong. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Laura Joudai is an ordinary person, not rich or famous, just wanting to tell her story. How quickly life can change in a matter of seconds! She is a high school graduate with a Dental Assistant Degree. She is a mother of four children who have been an inspiration, have given her support, have made her proud throughout life and especially these last few years, and have given her the strength to go on and be strong. She is a professional interpreter who speaks three languages. Laura's optimism is hard to come by. It is her faith that gives her the optimism to go on and she is inspired by everyone around her. She is an amazing woman, an example to look up to, and a woman to admire. She gives us all the will to continue to smile, the will to look at things with an open mind, and the will to accept things that we cannot change. (2006, paperback, 76 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.