Angel Whispers

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9379-0
Angel Whispers

by Michelle V. Whalley The human experience of angels is always a very personal one. Many people believe they exist, religions acknowledge their presence, and many books have been written about them. In Angel Whispers, Michelle Whalley shares her personal experience with angels through poetry and pictures. The author invites us to enjoy her book for just what it is-a personal experience. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Born in New Bedford, Massachusetts, Michelle Whalley lived there and in nearby Fairhaven for the early part of her life. Now she lives with her husband, Harold, in the Bershires, along with their cat, Luke, and dog, Phoeuf. Michelle has worked with communication-challenged children all of her professional life. She has multiple and varied interests; "doodling," painting, crafts, music, travel, theater and museums, playing cards and word games, haggling at flea markets, and volunteering in her community are but some of them. Presently, she has a new granddaughter, who is a great delight, as all grandchildren are. Throughout her life, Michelle has had a deep fascination with Egyptology, although she has yet to travel to Egypt. Her high school yearbook notes that Michelle's ambition was "to become an archaeologist and own her own private pyramid." To share the writing and illustration of a book with others has been a lifelong dream of hersnow come true! (2004, paperback, 50 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.