Angelina Sweetheart's Outer Space Adventure

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Angelina Sweetheart's Outer Space Adventure
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Angelina Sweetheart's Outer Space Adventure
by Ann Wills

Angelinas Outer Space Adventure is about a teddy bear who dreams of traveling and exploring outer space. Follow her on her exploration from the Outer Space Museum to the wonderful things she sees on her travels. She visits other planets and visits with the inhabitants. Angelina sees things one would only see in outer space or in dreams.

About the Author

Ann Wills was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. She now lives in Douglass, Kansas, with her husband, Michael.

Ann has been drawing off and on for many years now. She tries to keep her drawings on a child-like level. She feels it is more appealing to children and adults.

Ann works at Heartspring, a residential school for children with special needs.

One day, while Ann was trying to decide on an idea for her next drawing project her friend, Michelle, suggested an outer space book. After some thought, Ann came up with Angelina Sweetheart and her interest in outer space.

Ann thanks you for your interest in her book.

(2014, Paperback, 38 pages)