Angels in Atlantis: Book 1 of the Angelic Trilogy

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Angels in Atlantis: Book 1 of the Angelic Trilogy
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Angels in Atlantis: Book 1 of the Angelic Trilogy
by A. D. Murphy

After the sudden death of Abigail Lazaruss parents, Abigail and her two brothers, Chase and Kallan Lazarus, head off to Waterford, Ireland to live with their favorite aunt and uncle. While traveling by ship through the Bermuda Triangle, strange things start to occur. Abigail and her brothers are suddenly pulled through a realm that leads to Atlantis, the city that had been known to them as lost. With guides appearing by their sides to help them through the realm safely, Abigails guide, Michael, holds all the answers to her unknown, yet crucial role for the future of all mankind. Once in Atlantis, demons start to find their way through loopholes of the realm to Atlantis. Their mission is for one purpose only: To destroy Abigail. Though Abigail realizes soon enough that Michael was sent to protect her from these demonic forces, she did not realize how quickly she would fall in love with him. Through Michaels guidance and unhidden love for Abigail, she finally learns all the secrets of the city, and understands why her role is so important in the existence of all mankind, starting with the prophesized first battle of the Lost City of Atlantis.

About the Author:

A. D. Murphy grew up in Whitehall, Ohio. She is married and is the mother of two boys. Her family, friends, and God are her world. She has been writing poetry since the 5th grade, and has continued to write, expanding her poetry into books. Her spiritual questions have lead to possible answers through research and imagination, which is the inspiration to her writings. What once started out as a hobby has now become a dream, and she welcomes you to her very first novel, Angels in Atlantis: Book 1 of the Angelic Trilogy.

(2016, Paperback, 224 pages)