Animals A-Z

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Animals A-Z

Animals A-Z

By: Melissa Paiz

About the Book

Animals A-Z was created from a combination of Melissa Paiz’s love for both animals and art. This book is intended to spark your child’s imagination and allow them to express themselves, all while learning about different animals and the alphabet. Paiz highly encourages your children to really let their creativity flow. For instance, the animals can be traced as a tool for learning to draw. Extra objects can be drawn and added to the backgrounds. Have fun with all different colors – and it’s okay to go outside of the lines.


About the Author

While this book is targeted for children, it truly has no age limit. It can be a stress reliever for adults as well as a healthy exercise to help with fine motor skills. While residing in her hometown of Bayonne, New Jersey, one of Melissa Paiz’s favorite hobbies is to color with her mother who is a three-time stroke survivor.

                Paiz personally knows how much coloring can help strengthen the fingers, hands, and wrist muscles. She is very close with her mother who taught Paiz how to draw when she was three. Besides spending quality time with her family and her two pets, one cat named Lala and one dog named Hannibal, author Paiz works full-time as a hairstylist creating art on hair. Although she has a busy life, she always finds time to create art on paper as well.


(2018, Paperback, 30 pages)

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