Annie and the Mermaid

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9787-3
Annie and the Mermaid
by M. H. Gallemore Journey back to a time when the earth was still young and gushers of steam and licks of flame rose through the cracks in its surface. One day a privateer ship was launched, and among its passengers were a woman and her small baby, who were being ferried to a rendezvous with another ship in a secret location. But it is the season of storms, and one evening the crew secures the ship against the wind in vain, for the first light of dawn revealed only the great kelp on the surface of the water and the sea birds. Below the surface of the great kelp beds, a young mermaid looks for her mother. She has found a human child floating in the kelp on the surface. They take pity on the young girl and risk King Neptunes wrath to rescue the child, making sure she is found by an elderly couple. As the girl grows up, the young mermaid watches her from beyond the shore. Then one day, the mermaid is held captive by a giant clam that refuses to let go. She cant drown, but she cant flee from sharks and people who would do her harm. Will the young girl be able to return the favor she was granted many years ago? And what will she learn about her origins, her legacy, and her place in the world? M. H. Gallemore will reveal the answers and the true nature of the friendship between Annie and the Mermaid. ABOUT THE AUTHOR M. H. Gallemore grew up on the coast, where he spent many hours exploring the ocean and a great deal of time telling stories to his children. Now, after many requests and recommendations, he has committed this story to print. He would like to acknowledge the assistance of his youngest daughter, Diana Marie, in working to bring the illustration ideas to life on the pages of this book. (2005, paperback, 32 pages) Availability: Usually ships within 2-3 business days.