Another Face of Life

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Another Face of Life

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Another Face of Life
by John Ogbo Ikpeme

Another Face of Life is a story of life and adventures of the author on a destiny walk. Growing up as a child, he was below technology. The novel is a placid characterized literary comparison and suggestions of greatness to politics and governance in Africa, viewed in Ghana and Nigeria. A brilliant work with unique obsessions, this is about a super love story, friendship, the pain of a beautiful corrupt nationality, sex, riddles, and jokes.

About the Author

Born in the eighties, his birth came with a twist, ugly and beautiful. His life is a story told in Faces. Finally, Author John Ikpeme fell in love with writing, his music, his utopia. A typical African child, a native of Idoma land, from Benue State, Nigeria. The author is a graduate of Hollywood Scriptwriting Institute, Los Angeles. He studied in Valley View University, Accra Ghana, and graduated with honors without a Bsc. The honor is the novel in your hands.

(2011, paperback, 118 pages)