Applied Nomography Traing for the Water Utility Operator

Applied Nomography Traing for the Water Utility Operator
Item# ISBN: 978-0-8059-9785-9

by Gaines Bradford Jackson, B.S., M.S., Dr. PH.

This storehouse of knowledge is a collection of complementary related nomograms encompassing various general categories associated with the water utility field as training tools. These nomograms will help novice water utility personnel with a limited technical background to solve rapidly and accurately many practical engineering, design, operational maintenance and control, and equipment problems. Each namogram is presented with a brief explanation of its derivation, and example situation with a solution and its complete and simple explanation, and a courtesy statement acknowledging the nomogramís source. They are divided into categories and are listed with descriptive titles for quick reference.

The author has listed formulae with most nomograms where he considered it necessary, and omits formulae from others considered to be compound nomograms; however, the use of all nomograms is fully explained. This text also includes significant appendices designed to aid the operator in training.


Dr. Gaines Bradford Jackson has accumulated over twenty years of practical and academic experiences in the water utility field. He received a B.S. in analytical chemistry from West Texas State University, after which he worked for Sinclair Oil and Gas Company. In 1972, he received his masterís degree in environmental science from the University of Texas at Houston. Until 1977, he worked for the Oklahoma Department of Health as a wastewater researcher. In 1983, he received a Dr. P.H. in environmental health with an extensive publication on the reuse of primary treated municipal spentwater using the spray runoff method, a land application technique.

He has published in numerous national journals and invented the Water Utility Converter as well as Jacksonís Water Wheel. He has also authored, Applied Water and Spentwater ChemistryóA Laboratory Manual. He is always available for lectures through the Rose State College Speakerís Bureau in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

(2005, paperback, 620 pages)

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