April May Finds a Team (HB)

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April May Finds a Team (HB)

April May Finds a Team

By: G.P. Kolb

About the Book

Meet April May, a young girl who discovers the wonderful world of soccer in her own backyard!

                When April May and her mother move into a new home, she finds a soccer field right behind her house and a secret place where she can watch and wonder while girls her age run, jump, learn, and play the game of soccer.

                April May dreams and wishes she could play, too, but thinks she never will, until, one day by accident, she finds out that she can! She even learns her first “tip” on how to play.

                Join April May as she begins her journey into a world she only dreamed of before.


About the Author

                G. P. Kolb is a former girls’ volunteer soccer coach who watched his three daughters grow up on the soccer field with all the cheers, and sometimes tears, that go along with it. Having seen firsthand the life lessons learned on the field this is his first attempt to share them with kids everywhere.

G. P. is a railroad conductor who will soon be joining the ranks of the retired and hopes that this will be just the first chronicle of April May’s journey into organized sports and maybe show other kids that you don’t have to be a star to be part of a team.


(2018, Paperback, 36 pages)

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