Archie's Hunting Tales & Adventures

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Archie's Hunting Tales & Adventures

Archie’s Hunting Tales and Adventures

By: Archie Sybrandt

About the Book

You will enjoy Archie’s Hunting Tales & Adventures covering his seventy years of intriguing and humorous exploits. The book is his journal and contains the memories he would like to share with you. Starting in the late 1940’s in Rush City, a small, rural Minnesota town, he takes you across the northern part of the United States into Canada and Alaska, ending on the east coast an old man living in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. Archie’s stories reflect back on a simpler time when you could put a sandwich in your pocket along with a few shells, a knife on your belt, pick up your rifle, and go hunting. He feels there is so much hype and information on hunting today if you try to understand it; you will just drive yourself nuts, so work with what you know. Wisdom he once received in a fortune cookie: “Experience is the best teacher; the truth is, it is the only teacher.”


About the Author

Much of his hunting and fishing was done on land open to the public. Armed with a map and his woodsman skills he is often successful. Archie enjoys a practical joke and his stories reflect many. You will meet numerous characters in his stories; good people with a sense of humor.

                When Archie wanted more of a challenge he built his own flintlock muzzle loading rifles, made his own period clothing and went hunting. He has built seventy-eight muzzle loading rifles and brought many people into the brother-hood of shooting and hunting the way our forefathers did 250 years ago.

                Archie has been married to Sharon his first (and only) wife, for fifty years. They have one daughter and three sons. The book tells of many adventures his children have shared with their dad as he raised them to love the outdoors.


(2018, Hardcover, 274 pages)

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