Aunt "T" and the Halloween Baby

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Aunt "T" and the Halloween Baby

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Aunt "T" and the Halloween Baby
by Lillian Skelton Fisher

My Aunt T was such a remarkable woman. I wanted others to know about her. Thats why I wrote this story. She died in 2002. She was one hundred two years old. Anyone who knew her only had the most wonderful comments about her and knew me as her baby.

Aunt T is at the center of this story, spanning three generations of women who endured abuse, humiliation, and heartaches from an abusive father. This story will shed light on the reprehensible side of African-American life in a small southern town and a nurturing and supportive woman who always thought of others first.

Aunt T had a rare talent for dressmaking without any formal training. She made clothes from patterns she cut from newspapers. She was always well dressed and taught me to sew at five years old.

About the Author

Lillian Skelton Fisher was born October 31, 1940, on Halloween, in a very small town called Silsbee, Texas. She lived with her Aunt T from birth until she was eight years old. Aunt T told her she saw her before her mother did.

Lillian met her biological mother and siblings for the first time when she was eight. Her mother left Texas shortly after her birth to travel to California with friends to form a church (Palm Lane Church of God in Christ) in Los Angeles (Watts).

Lillian was five years old the first time Aunt T gave her a sewing task. She was surprised at how well Lillian adapted to the tasks. Aunt T directed and inspired her into fashion design. Lillian excelled in the clothing classes in junior and senior high school. To enhance her abilities in fashion, she attended Los Angeles Trade Tech, Long Beach State, and El Camino colleges. She worked in the garment industry for many years. Lillian has taught fashion design classes and fashion-related subjects at Trade Tech College, El Camino College, and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles.

(2010, paperback, 130 pages)