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Author Stories

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Author Stories
by Sal Ferrara

The book is a collection of 9 short stories, some of which are inspired by real events and others by made-up tales. History of poverty and arrogance of the ruling classes willing to do anything to hold on to their power. In the tales, we see characters battling against cruel destinies, social contradictions, loneliness and extreme poverty. While they are romanticized, the stories never distort the content and always respect the historical and social context of the setting. All of the stories maintain realistic historical accuracy and faithfully and correctly represent the relative environmental conditions.

About the Author

Originally from Sicily, the author graduated from the University of Urbino (Italy) in Sociology. He is a journalist who has collaborated on articles and columns, websites, periodicals, weeklies and specialized magazines, as well as the monthly. For many years, he has been the press officer for various private companies in Rome. He is also a musician, scriptwriter and photographer. He is single and lives and works in Rome.

(2011, paperback, 72 pages)