Awo Foforo: The First Book

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9126-0
Awo Foforo: The First Book
by Derek Wayne Patterson Imagine yourself as the future heir to the throne of your small, prosperous kingdom, surrounded by family and a community that loves you, until one day your arrogant mistakes make you lose all of the same entities that made you happy. Embark on this journey with our hero, Kwabena, as he travels throughout the eastern portion of the African continent, fighting depression, anger, and the stresses that crowd his life, all while learning how to love and trust in GOD who he blames for his misfortunes. I recommend this book to anyone who may be struggling with faith in the LORD or anyone who has gone through a number of storms and questions, Why me? Though this book is meant to keep historical accuracy a priority, it is not a paramount. My true intentions are meant to produce a book that first sends a Christian message and secondly, contains an interesting story that readers of all races and cultures are able to identify with and enjoy. ABOUT THE AUTHOR I grew up in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the small town of Canonsburg. I eventually moved to Dallas, Texas, to work in the Americorp with children who consisted mostly of Mexican descent. I then married my wonderful wife, Mimi, and moved to Dayton, Ohio, where I worked as a teachers aide at the Dayton Academy and a teacher at the Montgomery County Department of Mental Retardation/Developmentally Disabled. Though I have never traveled to any of the countries in Africa, I have always fantasized of the continent, and I am always intrigued to talk to those from the continent and read books about the regions. (2006, paperback, 82 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.