Bad Dreams and Coffee

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Bad Dreams and Coffee

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Bad Dreams and Coffee
by Rose Graves

Have you ever awoken from a deep sleep in a fright but you dont remember what led you to that point? Here are twenty dreams I have relived while writing so that I could share them with you. There are twenty of what some could only describe as the worst nightmare while others couldnt fathom the tales without losing grip of their own sanity. These are the bad dreams that were meant to forget but lead me to drink oceans of coffee because I always remember what forces me to stay awake after countless days of no sleep. The truth is, with this book, I plan to scare the hell out of you using what I see every time I close my eyes. Just keep in mind it is only a dream, so sleep soundly, dear reader.

About the Author

A born writer, musician, and mother, Rose Graves wrote her first story at age four titled Three Bad Apples and One Good Seed, then began playing bass guitar at thirteen. She was born in Detroit, Michigan, on January 21, 1986, and now lives in Kernersville, North Carolina, with her family, Ezra, Alajah, and Kevin. She worked as a waitress but always spent her lunch breaks, along with any other free time, writing.

The idea for Bad Dreams and Coffee came while she was having another sleepless night caused from insomnia. She started to read a novel by her personal idol, John Saul, in hopes it might rest her mind and drift into a deep well-needed sleep. Instead, she found herself so inspired that she ended up spending the next three months working nonstop on Bad Dreams and Coffee.

(2010. paperback, 76 pages)