Bad Judgment

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Bad Judgment

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Bad Judgment
by Paul Stanley Erby

Derwin Jones plays basketball at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, and his girlfriend, Dronda Lewis, also attends the school on an academic scholarship. They are both from poor Arkansas City. Derwin always talks about how poor they are. They live in a shack, and there is a hole in the floor. Now Derwins dream is to become rich and famous. His dream is to live in a big mansion and to drive a Mercedes Benz, Porsche, or Ferrari. He never wants to be poor again. He wants to go to the pros and make his fortune, and he isnt going to let anything get in his way, not even his girlfriend, Dronda. He wants to be somebody and wear fine clothes and jewelry. And his dream comes true. He is drafted by the Lakers and gets a fat contractfor fifty million dollars. He buys everything money can buy.

About the Author

Paul Stanley Erby grew up in Blackwell, Arkansas. He attended school in Morrilton, Arkansas. He is married to Dorinda Cain Erby, and they have three children: Shawtra, Derwin, and Paul Jr. Paul likes fishing, hunting, basketball, and football. He is a pastor for Pilgrim Rest #2 Baptist Church, located in the Happy Bend Community in Atkins, Arkansas. This is his second book. His first book is A Black Mans Revenge. While on the job one morning, he had a divine calling to write this book. He attended the Middle Western Dictric School of Ministry. He also attended the South West Bible College and Seminary through a home study course. He enjoys writing and hopes to have a great future in it.

(2010, paperback, 32 pages)