Bamboo Sally

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Bamboo Sally
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Bamboo Sally
by Bill Tabor

We often come in contact with people and places that remain with us throughout our lives. Billy Timble is a veteran of the Vietnam War with memories he carries precariously setting on the edges of his mind. Sometimes an incident will trigger a sudden memory that takes him on a kind of time travel, if you will, backwards. Go with him on one of these memories and relive an incident that greatly changes his life; a bamboo sally with the one man he thought he would never meet, a man who gave him insights he needed more than he will ever know.

Ride with the crew of Kilo 5 as they meet a man who changed history for not only them, but an entire nation. Ride through Southeast Asia and get to know the man they all call Kevan, a man with specific talents. Hear his reflections about his travels and read the reasons Billy has trouble coping with his own memory.

(2016, Paperback, 106 pages)