Be Like a Bee [Paperback]

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Be Like a Bee [Paperback]
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Be Like a Bee
by Seta Simonian

Be Like a Bee is about the life of a particularly diligent bee named Merry. Interspersed with scientific details about the role and development of bees in nature, the narrative combines fiction and science in order to teach life lessons. It encourages children to follow Merry Bees example of hard work and compassion in order to achieve happiness.

Be Like a Bee offers inspiring examples of social interaction and communication, while at the same time encouraging an appreciation of nature. This beautifully illustrated publication provides children, teachers, and parents with scientific knowledge and entertainment. The songs of this book are recorded and available on a CD for purchase.

About the Author

On one of her many trips to Armenia, author Seta Simonian observed the world of beehives for the first time in Dilijan. She saw swarms of bees flying together like a fleet of airplanes landing, entering the hive, unloading, and flying back to the fields for more pollen and nectar. Amazed by the collaboration and hard work of the honeybees, Simonian decided to write a book about them.

Simonians book is the product of her learning in the sciences and arts and her years of experience as a teacher. It reflects the personality of someone who has traveled to and lived in many countries and who has worked with diverse communities in times of war and peace. Throughout her career, Simonian has striven to improve the lives of people, especially children approaching their formative years.

Seta Simonian lives in Glendale, California, where she works on creative projects.

(2012, paperback, 64 pages)