Beauty IS a Beast

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Beauty IS a Beast

Beauty IS a Beast

By: Peggy Bland

About the Book

I wrote this book to help other pretty and beautiful women to wake to being lied to, abused, and manipulated by men to get them to marry them. Your life is your journey; no one else’s and you should pay attention to your inner feelings. You do not have to live up to other’s expectations or approval. You are you and there is not another one like you. Make your special place and make it the way you want it to be. When you hear criticism, do you think that it is true, or that you are doing something different from others’ ideas?

Coming from a very dysfunctional family, I did not have guidance and no one teaching me the right kind of life—the life I wanted. When I did start to get on my own and find my way off at college, my domineering mother had me come home and change colleges. I was too young and immature to realize why I was doing this. It was not for me, it was for her. That was the beginning of being manipulated and lied to into getting married way too young (nineteen) and to the wrong man. One mistake seems to cause you to make another to try and right a wrong.

There comes a time to slow down and take stock of you and your life and where you are going. Be honest about your family, friends, and what you are living for. Is it what you want, or what they want from you? Are you making them happy, or yourself happy? When you are not pleasing a lot of self-centered, selfish friends and family, they make you feel bad, insufficient, and unworthy of their attention. Think if you really need their attention. Be very particular who you let in your life—your life and future depend on it.

I was always excellent and smart at whatever I did, except to take care of myself and live my life to my satisfaction, not to the satisfaction of others. Had I zeroed in on my wants, likes, talents, and future, my life would have been different. As it was, I have lived a full and exciting life, but full of disappointments toward me and my children, or what could have been if I had sailed the right course. I wrote this to steer anyone and everyone who will read this and take a sober look at their life and where they are going with it.

(2017, Paperback, 358 pages)

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