Beauty Of The Dark

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Beauty Of The Dark
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Beauty Of The Dark
by Samantha Mathura

Author Samantha C. Mathura is but a young and mentally unique individual, born in the small, exotic Caribbean Island of Trinidad. For as long as she can remember she has always found herself fascinated with life, that of hers and that of those she came in contact with, sharing stories of trials of living and of the emotional functions in being.

Mathuras book, Beauty of the Dark, tends to paint pictures in the heads of many with a clever spin on words, nurtured by the ability to relate the darkness of an alien aloneness, but also casting a light through a uniquely human journey. She hopes to achieve an audience of understanding by relation amongst a vast majority of adolescents joined; yet divided in their concepts of being alone in their thoughts and feelings. She is a firm believer in the remarkable effects that a few well-placed words can impact in lives, desirous to uplift and inspire when possible.

About the Author

Born on December 13, 1990, Mathura is currently only twenty years of age and first started writing at age ten. She strongly believes that the greatest battles do not take place on a battlefield or a coliseum, but in the hearts and minds of all, especially adolescents that are now entering the stage where one begins searching for purpose and the means to get by their everyday.

The author hopes Beauty of the Dark may inspire, help and urge those with emptied dreams to take that bold step, for when you try your best, and give your all, you never lose but become wiser and stronger.

(2012, paperback, 32 pages)