Bella Memoirs

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Bella Memoirs

Bella Memoirs

By: Chakeira Woods


About the Book

Loving yourself includes, but is not limited to, how you take care of yourself such as securing proper rest, daily exercise, and eating nutritional foods, as well as what you permit to enter mind, body, and spirit. It includes being honest with yourself.

Bella, just turning eighteen, wants to explore the world and, like any young girl, just wants love and to be loved. She loves deep, yet has not come to understand how romantic relationships really work as she continuously falls in love with men that just don't seem to fit her quite perfectly. She falls for the "games" certain men play, despite her intuition and red flags. She stays because, in the words of Beyonce, “I'll be d*mned if I see another chick on your arm!” It's the fear of losing what you've built; strong attachments keep her chained, despite a dwindling confidence.

So many times we have in our head how love should look based on our own perceptions… but what is it really? The media we watched, listened to, and inhaled do not portray always portray how real love works. We don’t always realize it isn’t healthy because we unconsciously seek people who will comply with our behavior, and ignore our insecurities. It’s not our fault; we are programmed to unconsciously mimic what we see. We learn this as children, mimicking actions through play. Author Chakeria Woods believes we re-enact events throughout LIFE, and now, it is time to break the curse!

Read on and journey with Bella in Bella Memoirs as she becomes enlightened, gains awareness of her unhealthy habits, learns about her triggers, and starts to use her voice.


(2020, Paperback, 44 Pages)


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