Benny the Bee

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Benny the Bee

Benny the Bee

By: Alexander Wuchevich


About the Book

Benny the Bee just wants to help. When spring comes, he is very busy pollinating fruits and vegetables to make honey. But people are scared of him. And his stinger!

A lesson for children of any age, Benny the Bee shows that despite his scary appearance, he is a kind and helpful bee for our planet.


About the Author

Alexander Wuchevich began writing after his retirement at age 68. His 14-year-old granddaughter encouraged him to write children’s stories when he and his wife would babysit. He started writing the stories out and never seemed to quit. He enjoys speaking with other writers and finds the writing process exciting. Wuchevich enjoys writing wholesome, Christian stories. He hopes his children and grandchildren will enjoy his books.


(2020, Hardcover, 32 Pages)


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