Betrayed by Attorneys

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Betrayed by Attorneys

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Betrayed by Attorneys: Because They Could
by Robert Rorrer and Carol Rorrer

This story is about Carol P. Rorrer who had a tonsillectomy on October 25, 1971, by Dr. Carl Sardi. The doctor committed off-the-scale medical malpractice on her, leaving her with a permanently paralyzed tongue. Anyone who is thinking about hiring a lawyer for anything should first read this book. They will learn a lot about our legal system; how they can be completely abandoned by the whole system, and will forever suffer from the conspiracy of silence amongst the brethren, if their trusted attorney decides to sell them out. This story will help you to see that we need some rules and laws changed to prevent this. Of course, the lawyers like it just the way it is. We never got to tell anyone, except the lawyers, the real facts and our side of the story, until now.

About the Author

Robert Rorrer and Carol Pulliam were just two ordinary high schoolers who met in 1959 at a local roller skating rink in Eden, North Carolina. They got married after graduation at their church, St. Lukes Episcopal, in 1962. In 1971 they were living in Greensboro, North Carolina with their two children. Carol was only 28-years-old when Dr. Carl Sardi changed her life, and ours, forever.

(2011, paperback, 212 pages)