Beyond Onomatopoeia - eBook

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Beyond Onomatopoeia - eBook

Beyond Onomatopoeia

By: Christine L. Frissora, M.D.

About the Book

Christine L. Frissora, M.D. is a Gastroenterologist at The Weill Cornell Medical Center. She earned her B.A. from Cornell University and graduated from the College Arts & Sciences. She earned her medical degree from Cornell University Medical College. Dr. Frissora has always been an avid reader and was fascinated by Ernest Hemingway’s use of prose in his work. He cut words, sliced sentences, and left a lot for the readers to fill in on their own. Being a talented writer, her professors made her promise to continue writing. “You have to keep writing – you have so much to say.” Later, other talented professors were struck by the author’s ability to capture an experience: “I feel like I was there.” “I felt my hand on his heart.” “That gave me chills.”

Poetry sometimes motivates people to change their behavior. It can be used as a visualization tool for high stress situations – such as handling medical emergencies (A Great Win) or to enhance sports performance (Champions). Dr. Frissora covers a wide range of topics from beauty and sadness, to the trivial heartbreak of a tough loss in a match.

She provides basic tools so that you can write your own poetry for your family or just for yourself. The poems come to the author in complete vignettes, but every writer is different.

Dr. Frissora hopes that you will enjoy her free verse style and share the journey of a new voice in poetry. To schedule a reading, book group, book fair or library event please contact the author: or cell: 646.209.5211


(2018, eBook)