Beyond Proof

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Beyond Proof
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Beyond Proof
by Nancy J. Davis

Beyond Proof follows the life of Dr. John Martin, a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Born as a child genius in the field of medicine, John is plagued throughout his life by recurring and very realistic dreams.

These dreams suggest that John was born in Cape Town, South Africa, in a previous life, and achieved celebrated status for his work in heart transplants. Consumed with finding out the truth and some evidence, he travels to Cape Town. There John searches for the real probability that resurrection is actually a very conceivable phenomenon.

Could it be that life on this earth is not a beginning or an end but simply a learning process in our journey through time?

About the Author:

Nancy J. Davis quotes her fathers words, Every day in our lives should be lived to the fullest and in a positive and meaningful way.

Writing is one of her favorite pastimes. She finds it calming, revealing, creative, often exhilarating and definitely meaningful.

She admits that hours pass like minutes when Im engrossed in creating characters and situations in a story, but there is nothing in my life that compares with the feeling of accomplishment I experience the moment I receive the first published copy of my new book.

Davis is the author of three previous books, which include Seasons of Love, Resurrection of a Heinous Mind and Poetry by Nancy J. Davis.

She was born and raised on the west coast of Canada in the beautiful city of Vancouver, B.C. where she resides today.

(2017, Hardcover, 300 pages)