Beyond the Universe

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Beyond the Universe

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Beyond the Universe
by Warner Schneider

String theorists tout their theory of everything, yet it has fallen short of expectations and failed to answer the most fundamental questions about our world, which is due, in part, to the fact that conventional science is still in denial about the existence of the higher dimensional states. Some of these will pertain to mans spiritual side.

This particular work addresses those aspects of reality that do not have the official stamp of approval: the ones that are denied, debunked, and in all ways minimized. It offers the most cohesive and complete theory of the universe to date. There are secrets of the cosmos revealed here that cannot be had from any other source. The challenge to the reader is this: do you want the real truth about the world you live in and beyond, or the whitewashed versions that are issued by the various institutions we all look to for those answers?

About the Author

Warner Schneider is a writer and researcher who has conducted an extended study of those areas covered by theoretical physics, cosmology, and various schools of metaphysical thought. The results are now in and the findings are usually surprising and sometimes astounding.

(2010, paperback, 224 pages)