Beyond Thoughts...Beyond Reasons

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Beyond Thoughts...Beyond Reasons
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Beyond Thoughts...Beyond Reasons
by Coleen Grundy

The planet Emel, keeper of the creators of the universe, makes movements to relocate Earth to the mother universe known as the Karzuit universe. Sajay the High Priestess uses untold powers to create her dream. The leader of Earth named Tara is placed before Sajay and passion starts making their role together stronger. Sajay states the hold Tara has is because Tara is her mirror. This mirror has opened Emelians to violence.

This is the last in the trilogy of discovery that has been written from the year 2019 to the year in 2053 spanning 34 years in total inside the novels ... it depicts three main women characters, enhancing one woman in each novel as we discover their lives and the movements they made within their lives, creating adventure displaying how they have grown and how and why the growth was required. This is the last of discovery yet also the beginning again. As the novels display, Life is A Matter of Course Time exists And Then Is Now and Change is Beyond Thoughts ... Beyond Reasons.

About the Author: Coleen Grundy has always succeeded as a businesswoman working in a competitive environment. When the day came that she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), the realization of how important it is to do the things she is passionate about woke her up to continue as best she can. Coleens mind and body are now totally into writing novels, to give people a different view of our world and inspire others along the way! When she writes and creates it gives her pleasure. Coleen hopes that her words challenge people who choose to read them.

(2014, Paperback, 92 pages)