Billie-Jo - eBook

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Billie-Jo - eBook


Collection of Poetry

By: Billie-Jo Tierney

About the Book

Billie-Jo: Collection of Poetry includes stories of family life, humor, and loss. These poems also tackle prejudice, betrayal, and uncertainty.

Author Billie-Jo Carroll-Tierney also writes about her family and loved ones in her poetry, as well as extended family members. She lost her youngest brother due to choices he made and his story is included within these poems.

The author loves to talk to people and this is how she learns more about the world in which we live.


About the Author

Author Billie-Jo Carroll-Tierney is a biracial woman and a stay-at-home mother of two teenage daughters. She grew up in central New Jersey, but moved around a lot growing up. She has been married to her husband, Judd, for 24 years.

Writing is something Billie-Jo has loved doing since she was a young girl. She began writing poetry about seven years ago. She writes about everything she comes into touch with throughout life. It’s her way of purging her past and talking about important social issues.

In her free time, Billie-Jo likes to read and considers herself a psychic and deep thinker. Billie-Jo: Collection of Poetry is her first book.


(2019, eBook)