Billy McRodeck: High School Targeted

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Billy McRodeck: High School Targeted
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Billy McRodeck: High School Targeted

Sean Palmer High School is one of the best high schools in Beverly Hills. But an incident makes it lose its reputation. Schoolboys are dying from using drugs. How is this possible? What type of drugs is it? Who sells the drugs and why is the target students of this high school and not another one?

These questions will be answered with the help of Billy. He is liked by his father to the detriment of his big brother, Jack. His researches will lead to discoveries and revelations concerning not only the organization that is the basis of these events, but also Billys family. But these revelations will not prevent him from carrying out the mission for which he is devoted.

About the Author

KHREYJ was born in 1989 in TOGO. He is a student in Literature at the University of Lome. He likes movies, reading, and technology.

This book was inspired by the use of drugs by adolescents. Some governments do everything to stop drug use. In other countries, we legalize some drugs. But the problem is still the same. Is it really a voluntary act for adolescents and dealers to take and sell drugs? For the author, lack of affection is the real cause of drug use by adolescents and dealers.

This book is the first part of the saga submitted for the appreciation of readers.

(2014, Paperback, 320 pages)