Birch Creek Road

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Birch Creek Road
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Birch Creek Road
by Jerome Gross

Birch Creek Road is a beguiling portrayal of a young boys life whose formative years prevailed throughout the throes of Americas Great Depression. It begins in a New York City tenement on a bitterly cold day in January when a chuckling midwife assists in the delivery of a screaming infant sporting a remarkable erection.

Early in his young life, his mother contracts an incurable lung ailment. In order to provide her with the medically recommended abundance of fresh air and sunshine, the family relocates to a village in the Catskill Mountains.

The story continues with the growing childs adolescence. Coping with the rigorous demands of country living, he develops a maturity well beyond his years. With the passing of his mother, the house they shared lost its sense of joy and homeliness. In an attempt to convert its drab surroundings once again into a happy home, a young widow is engaged to serve as a live-in housekeeper.

The author reveals sensuous details of his sexual indoctrination, glimpses of his life while evolving into adulthood, accounts of his acceptance into the U. S. Navy during Americas Great Depression, and, as a commissioned Submarine Officer, vivid accounts of underwater battles against a determined enemy during our war with the Japanese.

About the Author

Born in New York City and growing up as a country boy in upstate New York, Jerome Gross developed a maturity much beyond his years.

At the age of eighteen, Gross enlisted in the U. S. Navy and was assigned to one of our heavy cruisers nearing its end of construction at the Boston Navy Yard. As the years evolved, he was selected for submarine service. Chosen for commissioned officer status, Gross went on to serve with distinction in our submarine fleet during World War II. Honorably discharged at the end of hostilities, Gross developed his unique style of writing while studying at New York University.

His first book, entitled Silently We Served, U.S. Submarines WWII, was highly acclaimed by many of its readers.

(2012, paperback, 130 pages)