Bible Word Search Puzzles

Bible Word Search Puzzles
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Bible Word Search Puzzle
by Karen Sue Adkins

One day, while Karen Sue Adkins was working a word search puzzle, the Holy Spirit spoke to her and stated she could do Bible word search puzzles and reach a lot of people in a fun way. She did some research and discovered that there were no Bible word search puzzles on the market. From that day on, she has not looked back. Her purpose is to help people get back to the Bible. When we get back to the Bible, things change. Over the years, she has increased her knowledge of the Bible by studying daily, verse by verse. She has completed studies of the Bible about “David,” “Matthew,” “The Revelation” and more. She has testified to having her questions answered, just by reading the Bible.

Karen’s puzzles will make you want to study the Bible more, with a fun and intriguing twist. In today’s world, where there is no hope; Karen wants to give people hope. The Bible is Alive. Karen’s prayer is that these puzzles will increase your knowledge of God’s Word and draw you closer to Him.

About the Author:

Author Karen Sue Adkins, is a blood-bought, Bible-believing, born-again Christian since age 14. She was born on January 7, 1960, in Charleston, West Virginia. Karen enjoyed her childhood with her sister Brenda and her brother Kenny. The author has three boys: Robbie (Army), Geoff (construction) and Joey (Navy). Her boys are living proof that the Bible works. Karen has two wonderful daughter-in-laws, Kara and Takara, and three wonderful grandchildren, Kaden, Kaylei and Kayne. Her grandparents and parents have had a significant, Biblical influence in her life. Karen enjoys working word search puzzles, baking and pillow making.

(2017, Paperback, 32 pages)


Bible Word Search Puzzles [EBOOK]
Bible Word Search Puzzles [EBOOK]

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