Blessin's, Pieces & Tranquility's

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Blessin's, Pieces & Tranquility's
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Blessin's, Pieces & Tranquility's
by NaPpy Mo Zan

The book is finally written! Fans from Italy, France, the United Kingdom and the United States have awaited the publishing of this book. The author is Brian Zanders, whom all will soon come to know as one of the Greatest American Poets ever!

Included in this, Zanders first published book, are: Queen was Peace - His Maya Angelou tribute Beautiful!

Awakened stated by women to be Most liberating ...

Cyber Pain - called A powerful masterpiece that has promoted healing, insight and understanding from the victim's point of view.

Why do your eyes A hauntingly wondrous poem of love, indeed.

The man with no face too amazing

And other poems, too incredible to be described with mere words!

About the Author: NaPpy Mo Zan is brilliant in his natural ability to transport us to other realms, mindsets, lives and emotions. From the first sentence of any of his poems one becomes oblivious to all else.

His poems have been described as the pinnacle of consciousness, works of mental therapy in writing, and world changing those that read his poetry are changed forever more.

The so properly titled book, Blessins, Pieces & Tranquilitys is one youll never put on a bookshelf, but instead keep nearby, perhaps on a coffee table or desk, so you will always have it close to refer to as it relates to your, friends or loved ones healing pains, frustrations and lifes celebrations and evolutions!

(2015, Paperback, 56 pages)